VK9 Scent Specific Search and Recovery Unit
- Providing Specialized K9 Support to LE
Contact or Activate Unit
V K9 SAR Unit  responds to responsible agencies. Individuals or groups may give our number and information to an agency and the agency that has statutory responsibility for the search can dispatch us via telephone. At the search scene, V K9 SAR Unit reports to the Law Enforcement Incident Commander (IC) or responsible official and takes directions from him or his designee. VK9 Unit requires at least one or more Law Enforcement Officers be available during the duration of search activities.

VK9 SAR Unit is available for  response,  and can normally deploy within one hour of activation.       

For K-9 Assistance please contact Sarah or Julie.

Sarah Platts/ K-9s Sam, and Gus
Director- Officer in Charge
757-339-1902 (cell)

Julie R Jones/ K-9 Quincy
Director - New England Region
207-735-4350 (cell)

Sandy Sperry/ K-9 Brownie
Administrative Officer
252-370-7441 (cell)

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In Memory of
Carroll Perry, Third Officer
Served 2006-2011
Read more about Therapy Dog Brownie
Dawn Rankin/K-9 Katrina

In Memory of
Sheridan's Steadfast Jack
September 2001 - July 2014.

In Memory of
Rijaro's Ben
August 2001 - November 2014

In Memory of
Brownie Sperry
Early 2001 - February 2015