VK9 Scent Specific Search and Recovery Unit
- Providing Specialized K9 Support to LE
Training and Search Pictures
K-9 Ben indicating cadaver scent (the down w/ barking for emphasis).  Body later recovered out of the water
K-9 Grace working      water cadaver.
K-9 Jack in Austria, in scent and  pulling hard on a training track.
K-9 Jack in Austria working a trail which ended in a resturant.
K-9 Jack on his normal gait on a training run.
Indicating the boundries for K-9 Brownie's cadaver search during training.
K-9 Quincy during a water cadaver search.  In scent, he tried to get there faster by jumping from the boat & swimming to it.
K-9 Ben doing nighttime cadaver training (It's buried in the sand pile).
Unit doing land/water cadaver search in a North Carolina swamp.
K-9 Grace scratch alert cadaver indication on truck's tire well.
K-9 Jack working in his typical no nonsense gait.
K-9 Sam locating cadaver during training
K-9 Ben on the run, returning to handler in order to indicate he has made a find.
K-9 Quincy doing cadaver search in a North Carolina swamp.
K-9 Ben performing off-lead trailing exercise.
K-9 Jack in Austria coming into the victim in off-lead airscent exercise.
K-9 Quincy doing land/water cadaver search
K-9 Jackson has found his victim during training.
K-9 Quincy on search working a  trail
K-9 Katie working a buried cadaver case.
K-9 Dixie working a car trail.
K-9 Dixie getting ready to search a construction yard during a training run.
K-9 Jack on the trail in Milwaukee
K-9 Quincy working a car trail in Kansas
K-9 Ben tracking a walk- away, disorientated victim during CERT training.
Discussing the K-9 tracks with LE Officer in Charge.
K-9 Dixie finding her subject finishing her exercise
K-9 Quincy working a case in Milwaukee
K-9 Dixie working a search in Milwaukee
K-9 Dixie getting ready to work during a training exercise
Pictures from NAPWDA National Workshop
Grasonville, MD

Photos courtesy of AceK9.com
K-9 Quincy working a car trail along a California highway
K-9 Ben searching the rubble pile looking for human remains
K-9 Ben performing his rubble bark alert
(the material is directly under his front feet beneath the beam)
K-9 Sam getting ready to take his turn.
K-9 Sam heading onto the rubble pile
Performing his search
In scent and dropping over the side to pinpoint location
K-9 Sam giving his touch indication
Heading in to reward for accurate sit indication. (Material is hidden behind the large gray rock directly in front of him)
Getting close, working to pinpoint
K-9 Sam, on the bow, working the water cadaver problem