VK9 Scent Specific Search and Recovery Unit
- Providing Specialized K9 Support to LE
Please contact S. Sperry VK9 Admin Officer for a listing of training dates.  252-370-7441.
Training schedule is subject to change.

VK9 Unit trains a minimum of twice a month as a Unit.  

Law Enforcement Departments requesting a training viewing, should contact Sarah Platts, Unit Commander,
to schedule.  VK9 is also available for briefings to specialized units within Law Enforcement departments. 

What you can expect to observe in most trainings:

Scent collection
Crime Scene preservation techniques
Cadaver (Human Remains Detection)
Area Search
Building Search
Safety Protocols
*Aged Trails
*Contaminated Scent Articles
*Secondary Scent
*Car Trails, Aged and Fresh
*Jump Trailing

Average length of a Unit training can last 8 - 12 hours or more. And can include Night Training and Over Night Training
Training Calendar
Denise and K9 Jackson harnessing up to work a trail